Monday, September 5, 2016

Hughes News #70

"Tie your shoes and pray for the Hughes"

Dear Friends,

In our last prayer letter we mentioned our upcoming team retreat.  The few days away gave us an opportunity to look back on the previous year, evaluate and pray for current ministries and make plans for the upcoming months.  We felt the time was very profitable for our team.

David and Stephanie Gross with their kids, Sarah Bodaly, and the two of us

Shortly after we arrived back in Soroca, we found out that Viola and Sarah’s Romanian teacher had moved to Chisinau.  It is a praise that they already have another teacher, but we would like to mention a couple prayer requests.  First, due to the structure of the lessons so far, the ladies don’t feel that they are progressing.  Our request would be that the structure could be change to aid the ladies in their learning.  Second, their teacher “I” has been very open to discuss spiritual things.  Would you take time to pray for the ladies to have wisdom in talking with her and for our Lord to work in her heart?

Next week we plan to resume teaching English.  This year we are going to try having one class for young people and adults on Tuesdays and another for kids on Thursdays.  Also on Tuesdays, David will be hosting a Bible club for neighborhood kids.  If we receive permission, we may duplicate the kids’ club program at a local children’s home (as we understand it, it is foster care in more of a group home setting).  With each of these ministries, we desire opportunities to point people to our Savior.

So far, the water company has said there is nothing they can do about the water main on our property.  They told me they would talk to the mayor’s office again and have an answer for me in a few days.  There is still an outside chance of starting on the foundation this year, but it is looking doubtful.

In His service,
Jacob and Viola Hughes

For Prayer:
1. Viola and Sarah studying Romanian; their teacher “I”
2. English classes (Bible lesson following) and kids’ Bible club
3. Resolution of problem with the water main

For Praise:
1. A profitable team retreat
2. A new language teacher
3. Two new ladies at our services