Pastoral Recommendation

It is my pleasure to recommend to you Jacob and Viola Hughes, missionaries to Moldova. I can fully endorse them and feel they are worth your consideration as your representatives to take the light of the Gospel to Moldova. Their testimony is faithful, their calling sure, and their burden obvious.

Jacob Hughes and Viola Hitz began attending our church during their first semester of training at Ambassador Baptist College. From the very beginning, they faithfully served in the ministry. During the busyness of college, they cheerfully ministered in a variety of ways. I was excited when they informed me of their plans to begin dating. My wife and I had been praying about this possibility from early on in their freshman year.

I am thankful God led this couple to join with our church after they graduated and were married. In the three years Jacob worked towards his Master’s degree, they have continued to serve the Lord in our church. They have taught Sunday School and Junior Church, and Jacob has filled in preaching for me several times. They have led the music, visitation, and nursing home ministries, and gave many hours to help build our first building. Viola has happily served alongside her husband, and has been a tremendous blessing in the music ministry. She has been faithful to ladies’ meetings, and has spoken in several– evidencing a commitment to her church family. By their faithful giving to missions, they have proved to me they have a genuine interest in spreading the Gospel.

Our church will miss having them with us, but we are glad to be helping them fulfill God’s will for their lives. They have often heard me say that believers are “Saved to serve, not to sit.” The Hughes family have demonstrated this philosophy to me, but I ask you to prove it for yourself. Please consider scheduling a meeting with them. Also, as they would like, consider letting them stay for a week and putting them to the test. They want to serve churches in whatever way they can. Please take them up on their offer and allow them to be a blessing to you and your church.

If there is any way I can be of further assistance to you, please let me know. You may reach me on my cell phone at 704.718.8239. May God bless you and your service for Him.

Pastor Franklin Herndon, Jr.