Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hughes New #71

"Tie your shoes and pray for the Hughes"

Dear Friends,

In our last prayer letter we mentioned Viola and Sarah’s new Romanian teacher.  “I” continues to ask them spiritual questions and Viola was particularly pleased with one conversation recently.  Would you pray with us that this lady would be saved?  As we also mentioned last time, the ladies still feel they are not progressing as they would like, due to the structure of the lessons.

Since you heard from us last we resumed English classes.  We have been pleased with the attendance in each of the classes and with the new acquaintances we have made through it.  Following the class time for adults and young people, David is teaching Bible lessons on words that relate to salvation (sin, faith, etc.)  One lady faithfully stays for the lessons.  We are praying more would stay.  Also we were granted permission to hold a Bible club at a children’s home.  We spend about an hour on Tuesdays singing songs, teaching them a Bible lesson and showing them love and attention.
Viola teaching the more advanced ESL students
At the end of September we were gone several days for a vacation.  We enjoyed the rest, the sights, the food, the slow schedule and, best of all, the time together.
Our vacation
We are planning a baptism for later this month.  One young person is set to follow the Lord in this.  We are concerned for “D,” a young lady who had been attending services.  She expressed interest in baptism, and we met to discuss the possibility.  Since then we have lost contact with her.  We suspect that something has happened, leaving her discouraged.

There are several kids who often knock on our door asking to play on our piano or to borrow my basketball.  Desiring to have spiritual influence with them, I’ve decided that when they come I’ll read a Bible story to them.  My hope is that they will enjoy the reading and that God will work in their hearts.

In His service,
Jacob and Viola Hughes

For Prayer:
1. Upcoming baptism and young lady “D”
2. Viola and Sarah studying Romanian; their teacher “I”
3. The kids who visit us at home

For Praise:
1. Good spiritual conversations with “I”
2. Consistent attendance, more contacts through English lessons
3. Vacation/anniversary trip