Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hughes News #73

"Tie your shoes and pray for the Hughes"

Dear Friends,

In our last letter we mentioned having special plans around Christmas.  A majority of our ESL students came to a Christmas-themed class.  In addition to the lesson, David led a Bible study that clearly explained the identity and purpose of Jesus.  Our candlelight carol sing was the next event.  Several others joined us, including our team’s language teacher.  It was the first time “I” and her son had been to a service.  We enjoyed our Christmas Day service, but were a little disappointed that none of the invited acquaintances came that day.

Candlelight Carol Sing
This year has started in an encouraging manner.  The kids at the children’s home continue to open up to us.  Having a break from ESL afforded us extra time to spend with them after we ran our regular program.  A man who had been coming to services in the spring but whom we had not seen since July came back a couple weeks ago.  Four other people visited our services for the first time in January.  By my count, we had 16 different people come to at least one service last month.  We long for some to join with us and to allow us to come alongside and disciple them.

After a recent Sunday service
Very soon we will be heading back to the States for a four-month furlough.  We plan to visit churches, spend time with family and attend Viola’s sisters’ wedding.  If we are unable to visit your church this time, we can still make our presentation video and new prayer cards available to you.

On a personal note, Viola was thrilled with a fairly heavy snowfall in early January.  It permitted a jaunt to a monument on the edge of town to snap some pictures of the city under snow.  Jacob has been enjoying playing basketball with a team from Soroca.

Snow Day
In His service,
Jacob and Viola Hughes

For Prayer:
1. Tasks in preparation for furlough
2. Gross family and Sarah Bodaly as they minister in our absence
3. God to work in the hearts of people in Soroca

For Praise:
1. More visitors = more souls to encourage in the Lord
2. Deepening connections with kids at children’s home
3. “V” coming back to services