Friday, February 10, 2012

Hughes News #33

Dear Friends,

Like the last few and the next few months, the biggest news from Moldova regards our Russian study. After having health problems the first part of January, our teacher was able to resume lessons three weeks ago. Those three weeks of lessons went very well and we have completed our first textbook! Several recent conversations in our new language were encouraging to us. Our competency in Russian is not where we want it to be, but it is getting there!

A friend of ours allowed me to speak about Moldova in an elementary chapel via Skype. One parent wrote: “[My daughter] has talked and talked about the things that you shared! I think that is the most that I have heard about something that she learned at school or at least close.” We have no idea how the Lord will work in these young hearts, but we are thrilled and humbled to be able to invest in their lives. Another chance to minister came from a missionary friend here in Moldova. We visited their church and I preached for him.

We are thrilled to be planning for our first visitor from the States! Having finished high school in the fall, our nephew plans to spend two months with us beginning in mid-March. This is a chance for us to mentor him and for him to seek the Lord’s will for his future. Since we do not want our study to suffer, nor his time here to be wasted, we certainly desire your prayers for wisdom.

For Prayer:
1. Us to make progress in Russian
2. A family to work with us here
3. Preparation for our nephew’s visit

For Praise:
1. Our Russian teacher’s health is much better.
2. We were able to tell a group of elementary kids about Moldova!
3. Jacob was invited to preach at a missionary friend’s church.

In His service,
Jacob and Viola Hughes

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