Friday, July 20, 2012

Lessons From a Missionary- Part 2

This week, I read Jonathan Goforth by his wife, Rosalind. In order to cement in my mind the lessons I learned, I reviewed highlighted passages and noted which ones stood out to me the most. (If you missed Part 1, you may read it here.)  Here are some quotes, followed by the lessons I learned:

7. "He always rose at five in summer and six in winter. . . within half an hour of rising, he had started his intensive Bible study with pencil and notebook." (Page 85)
Lesson: May I be disciplined to consistently climb out of bed!

8. "The Keswick Executive met on the last Saturday evening and requested that Mr. Goforth remain a year in Britain, holding meetings as a Keswick missioner, his salary and all expenses to be met by them. . . . Goforth would have acccepted this offer at once, but the consent of the Board in Toronto must be obtained.  A cable was sent, but the answer was in substance, 'Return to China.  Your field is there.'  Without objection Goforth obeyed." (Page 101)
Lesson: He had an open door- a good opportunity that he walked away from.  I need not take every ministry opportunity that comes my way.

9. "All through those five months of physically hard labor . . . never once was Mr. Goforth heard to complain." (Page 115)
Lesson: Several times in the book it mentioned his absence of complaining in the presence of hardship.  Considering the "softness" of many in our day, this is often missing.

10. "Since the New Version of the New Testament came out in Chinese, I will in a few days have gone over it thirty-five times in the Chinese text. . . . Before he crossed the Borderland, he had read the Bible seventy-three times from cover to cover." (Page 116)
Lesson: I want to devote my time to God's Word day by day so I may have the familiarity with it that Brother Goforth did.

11. "One of Mr. Goforth's most lovable traits was his simple humanness.  On this journey, with great zest he joined children or older ones in deck hockey and shuffle-board.  Though an opportunity to engage in outdoor sports came his way but rarely, when it did, he entered into the game with such joyous enthusiasm as to add to the pleasure of others.  In this way he made many contacts with those who habitually avoided missionaries, with a testimony for his Master which flowed naturally." (Page 119)
Lesson: In the service of the Lord, I want to always remember to remain a person.  I want to be able to relate to and interact with others.

12. "He fully realized his age limitations as he had already entered his seventieth year, but this fact, instead of causing him to 'slow down,' seemed to intensify the urge within him to press forward." (Page 131)
Lesson: The older I get, the more I want to press towards the finish line.

Were any of these a particular challenge to you?

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