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Embracing Obscurity- Chapter 3

(A few friends and I are reading this book together. Each week we are reading one chapter. On Fridays, I am posting my comments, then giving them the opportunity to add their thoughts as well. If you would like to join us or simply find out more about the book, you can read about it here.)

Chapter 3: Embracing the Humble King

- The theme of this chapter is the Lord Jesus Christ.  The author brings to the reader's attention Jesus' humility or His embrace of obscurity.  He then challenges us to follow that example.

- "What's also incredible to me, and sheds so much light into God's nature, is that He lets this all happen." (Page 39)  I had not thought about this before.  We should not let the incredible thought of God coming as man become normal or overlooked, yet we often do.  If God had our mindset, He would quickly rid Himself of us.  Instead, He allows all of this to continue.

- He said that if we could choose how the Messiah would come to earth, we would choose much differently than God did, and I agree.  Israelites were looking for a Messiah but did not accept Jesus because He didn't fit their preconceived notions.  We would tend towards the talented, charismatic, good-looking, etc.  He was God, yet that is not how he presented Himself.  His humility truly is a lesson for us.

- It is interesting to consider that only 10% of Jesus' life is revealed to us.

- We tend to hold Bible characters to a higher standard than we hold ourselves.  I am tempted to look at Joseph and Mary and disdain them for their seeming doubt over the truth of Jesus' identity.  However, I have Scripture and I let His identity become common and uninspiring in my own mind.  May God help us see the facts of our Savior as we should!

- I was challenged when the author stated that Jesus' obscurity glorified God as much as His ministry.  I want to be willing to be willing to glorify God in obscurity as well.

- I am currently reading chronologically through the Gospels and have come across passages that talk of the crowds that followed Jesus and the distant places from which they came.  Yet in spite of that, Jesus was not concerned about his reputation, especially with the religious leaders, He was concerning about the Father's will.  What a challenge to someone who often overvalues people's opinion and undervalues his Father's!

- I thought the contrast between Christ's disposition and Satan's (page 49) was quite good.

I've had my say, what say you?

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  1. I agree with you Bro Jacob, I had not thought about Christ letting all of this happen. Pretty eye-opening.

    His thoughts on Christmas were right on. Christ and Santa have the same position during the Holidays, marked down goods to be sold.

    The years of the life of Christ that we know little or absolutely nothing about intrigues me. It has always baffled me that Christ spent only three years in public ministry, and even some of that was spent with the disciples away from people, or all by himself in solitude. Understanding His humility and purpose of pleasing the Father helps though.

    The contrast of Christ and Satan was very good and challenging.