Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hughes News #50

"Tie your shoes and pray for the Hughes"
Dear Friends,

Our last few weeks in Moldova filled up quickly as we prepared for furlough.  We packed up our belongings and left them in a room at the church building.  We are thankful for a storage area that is warm, dry, secure and free!  The last few days were bittersweet as we finished Russian lessons and said goodbye to friends.  God greatly blessed us through these relationships during our time in Chisinau.

In the last couple updates we wrote of an unspecified need for furlough.  That request was for a vehicle.  A friend was searching for us and in perfect timing, the Lord led him to a car that matched each of our desires.  As a pleasantly surprising bonus, we paid about $1500 less than we had budgeted!

The journey back to the States was very enjoyable.  We both agreed that it was the best itinerary we have had thus far.  We visited with Jacob’s family in Illinois a few days before spending Christmas with Viola’s family in Oklahoma.  It will not surprise you that the time has been very special to us.

Our furlough meetings began Sunday night here in Oklahoma.  Starting this upcoming weekend we have a very full schedule with many miles to travel.  This is certainly normal for a furlough, but we would appreciate your prayers for safety.  Please pray also that God would use us in people’s lives during our meetings.

In His service,
Jacob and Viola Hughes

For Prayer:
1. Safety while traveling
2. God to use us in our furlough meetings
3. God to prepare us for ministry in Soroca

For Praise:
1. Good last few weeks in Moldova and a safe return to the States
2. A car for furlough!!
3. Time with family around Christmas  

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