Friday, November 13, 2015

Hughes News #63

"Tie your shoes and pray for the Hughes"
Dear Friends,

The response we received from the village council regarding our request to do a Bible club was not what we wanted.  The letter stated that they did not have a place for us to use, therefore we could not continue with our plans.  We wanted to hold the club in our coworkers’ neighborhood in order to follow up with kids that came to our VBS.  The two possibilities we see now are: 1) begin the club at our coworkers’ house once more space is available, or 2) begin it at our new meeting place.

In September, David and I looked at several locations as possible rentals for our weekly services.  Near the middle of October we decided on a place, signed the contract and began getting it ready for use.  After considering options for flooring (the only work that needed to be done), we decided on tile.  We paid for it and laid the tile ourselves, and our landlords are letting our expenses go towards our rent (not a given here).  We got enough of the tiling done to have our first service there on November 1 and finished this week.

The work is begun!

Our rental has one big room, a smaller one about one fourth the size, and a tiny bathroom.  Right now we have Sunday morning and Thursday evening services at the new location and Sunday evening Bible study at our coworkers’ home.  With having the rental, we can plan future ministries/outreaches without needing to find a location for each event.  We view the space as a tool- one we pray God will use to work in the hearts of individuals here in Soroca.

With the Grosses after a Sunday morning service

In His service,
Jacob and Viola Hughes

For Prayer:
1. The Lord would use our meeting place for His glory
2. Decisions about a Bible club and English lessons
3. The lost to be saved and believers to be encouraged

For Praise:
1. A helpful team retreat in October
2. Finding a storefront rental for our services
3. Accommodating landlords

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