Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hughes News #29

Dear Friends, 

After being “homeless” for a little over two years, we again have a place to call home!  The Lord has provided us a two-bedroom furnished apartment in a convenient location.  The apartment is in good condition and the rent is very reasonable.  (Our new Moldovan address is listed at the top of the page.)  In the grand scheme of things, we realize that an apartment is of little importance.  However, it is yet another instance in which God has supplied for us and has reassured us that this is His work and that He will continue to care for us!

In our September update, we mentioned gathering paperwork in preparation for our residency application.  Despite a couple of minor problems, we were able to obtain the necessary documents and our lawyer has submitted them to the government.  With that accomplished, we simply wait to hear if we will receive the one-year living permits.

The major obstacle that keeps us from ministering right now is our deficiency in the language.  Fumbling around when trying to talk to someone, watching people crumple tracts and throw them on the ground, having Jehovah’s Witnesses talk to us on the street and at our door, observing the grief on the faces of those in a funeral procession−each of these in its own way reminds us of the need and motivates us to study Russian.

Prayer Requests:                                               
1. For God’s wisdom concerning a decision
2. For Moldova to grant us living permits    
3. For us to continue to progress in Russian  

1. All of our totes have arrived in the mail!
2. We finished our application for residency!
3. We have settled in an apartment!

In His service,
Jacob & Viola

“Tie your shoes and pray for the Hughes.”

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