Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hughes News #31

Dear Friends,

Being able to accurately gage our progress has been one of the more difficult aspects of language learning. While we are certainly months away from being functional in Russian, we are thankful for some encouraging signs. Our knowledge of the grammar continues to grow. Also, increased understanding has boosted our confidence. The added confidence has greatly helped us with our speaking.

Recently we were guests at a friend’s home for a second time. This time we understood much more and were able to add to the conversation. That was definitely the most exciting part! The visit was valuable not only for the practice time, but also for the cooking lesson. Our friend graciously taught us how to make two traditional Moldovan dishes.

The Lord has provided us some opportunities to serve others. Each week, we help a lady from church teach English to young people. Right now, we primarily help the students with their pronunciation. While teaching English is certainly not our ultimate goal, we welcome the chance to serve. On Sunday, one of the pastors of the church approached me about getting involved in some of the church’s ministries. Serving in a ministry will allow us to both minister to others and be stretched in our Russian. Thank you for your interest in our lives and your prayers for our ministry!

Prayer Requests:
1. For us to make steady progress in Russian
2. For a family to work with us here
3. For a church ministry in which to serve

1. Noticeable progress in Russian
2. Budding Moldovan friendships
3. Ministry possibilities

In His service,
Jacob & Viola

"Tie your shoes and pray for the Hughes." 

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