Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hughes News #38

Dear Friends,

In a couple of days, we will celebrate the first anniversary of our arrival in Moldova! Although the year went differently than we had planned in some ways, our Father guided us through it all. We plan to remain in Chisinau as we continue our language study and prepare for church planting.
In order to seek the Lord’s will as to our future location of service, I have been taking scouting trips with another missionary. In the city of Soroca, we found that there is one small Baptist group among the cults and Eastern Orthodox in a city of over 30,000 people.
Last week, Viola went with me to Comrat, the primary city that has been on our hearts since our initial visit in 2008. We got acquainted with the city and found that there is a Baptist church there. Lord-willing, we will find out more about the church and the spiritual climate in the city when my friend and I revisit the city next week. I know he would appreciate your prayers as he also seeks out God’s place of future service for his family.
We are convinced that at least having a familiarity with Romanian will greatly increase our usefulness for service here in Moldova. I would like to start studying it this fall, as long as it will not hinder my progress in Russian. With many other things taken care of, I think I would have the time for it. However I am seeking God’s wisdom in this matter and would appreciate your prayers.
In His service,
Jacob and Viola Hughes

For Prayer:
1. Next week’s scouting trip to Comrat
2. Decisions concerning language study
3. Jacob’s mom’s visit at the end of the month

For Praise:
1. Two helpful scouting trips
2. The continued rise of exchange rates
3. Noticeable progress in Russian

"Tie your shoes and pray for the Hughes."

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