Monday, September 2, 2013

Hughes News #47

"Tie your shoes and pray for the Hughes"

Dear Friends,        
As many of you already know by now, we are making plans for our first furlough.  Lord-willing, we will be in the States from the middle of December to the middle of June.  The Lord has allowed us to already schedule meetings with all but two of our supporting churches and a few new churches.  We look forward to the time with those churches, and with family and friends.
In addition to our language training, another goal we have before furlough is getting a feel for the housing situation in Soroca.  Our thinking is that if we learn now what is for sale and for rent, it will be a big help to us when we return.  We have already taken one house hunting trip and hope to do a couple more before we need to leave.
One of the houses we viewed in Soroca
The pastors at the church we are attending have given me some upcoming opportunities to minister.  The next two or three Tuesdays, I will be teaching a Bible study through Titus.  This Sunday we will be going to a village where we both will be able to minister in music, and I will be able to preach.  While I look forward to these, it is still much different from simply preparing a lesson or message in English.  I would appreciate your prayers that the Lord would help me to grow in my ability, and that despite my inabilities He would speak to people’s hearts.
In His service,
Jacob and Viola Hughes
For Prayer:
1. Teaching/preaching appointments the next few weeks
2. Housing search in Soroca
3. Further preparations for our upcoming furlough                     
For Praise:
1. A couple weeks off lessons in August
2. Tickets back to the States with a good schedule and price
3. Many meetings scheduled/plans made for furlough

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