Monday, September 1, 2014

Hughes News #55

"Tie your shoes and pray for the Hughes"
Dear Friends, 
Our main activity during the month of August was construction at the Grosses house.  Looking forward, there is still much to do, yet when looking back, we realize how much the Lord has helped us to accomplish.  New experiences for us have included working with metal studs, installing a septic system, laying rebar, and mixing concrete.  The next two months we hope to help get their house winterized and finish the first floor.
We have been able to continue with the Bible study I have been leading.  For now we are giving an overview of the Bible, bringing out truths about salvation as often as possible.  Please pray for G and for us as we share God’s Word with her.
Up to now it has just been our two families meeting together on Sundays.  Lord-willing, soon others who are interested will be able to join us.  Anticipating that, I have been preaching in Russian on Sundays and David in Romanian.  These few weeks have given me good practice for when others meet together with us.
In His service,
Jacob and Viola Hughes
For Prayer:
1. Construction work on the Grosses house
2. Holy Spirit to work through the Bible studies
3. Renewal of residency documents in September
For Praise:
1. A few construction projects behind us
2. Encouragement in Russian after some frustrating moments
3. Some more contact with our neighbors 

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