Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hughes News #56

"Tie your shoes and pray for the Hughes"
Dear Friends,
Throughout the last couple months we helped our coworkers with the work in their house.  When they are able to move down there from the unfinished second floor (Lord-willing this month), it will give more comfortable surroundings for them and more room for others to meet with us.
Last update we mentioned the resubmission of documents for residency.  With the applications being accepted, we should receive our two year permits later this month.
Jacob is continuing to preach in Russian on Sundays.  The Sunday evening Romanian Bible study with David’s neighbor has given many opportunities to explain the Gospel.  However the Russian study has halted until we are able to reestablish contact with the lady.  With this stage of house construction coming to a close, we will be giving more time to sharing God’s Word.
Recently Viola has had several ladies stop her and begin conversations for various reasons.  Usually at these times she is able to share our purpose for coming to Soroca.  These chats have also aided our understanding of people here.  When Viola told one lady that we pray only to Jesus and do not pray to icons (pictures of “saints”), the lady responded by telling her that to not pray to them is sin.  People certainly have a religion here, but sadly it is not one that is based on God’s revealed Word.
In His service,
Jacob and Viola Hughes
For Prayer:
1. Grosses to be able to move downstairs soon
2. Holy Spirit to work through the Bible studies
3. Further opportunities to plant and water
For Praise:
1. Jacob’s progress in preaching in Russian
2. Viola’s opportunities to speak to women
3. Permission from government to be here two more years 

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