Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hughes News #59

"Tie your shoes and pray for the Hughes"
Dear Friends,
Utilizing the religious survey door to door has allowed us to ease into conversations and has helped keep people from immediately turning us away.  After a number of good initial discussions, we have several potential follow-up visits.  It did not surprise me when people answered that to go to heaven, a person must do good works/pray/obey commands/try not to sin.  I was surprised by the number of people who have admitted to us that they haven’t been a good enough person in order to go to heaven.  They have an awareness of their sinfulness, but no answer to the problem.  We are hoping many will allow us to share how Jesus’ death and resurrection gives a solution!  For the apartments with no one home, we plan to leave a link to an online survey to see if that will generate any contacts.
We do not yet have an answer about renting a booth in the open air markets.  All of our materials are ready to present to the mayor, but the two times we have stopped by, he has been out of the office.  We plan to try again this week.  To the right is an example of one of the posters David designed to advertise home Bible studies.
“J” is a lady that has been meeting with us.  She was saved several years ago but has never been baptized.  After she expressed that desire to us, we met to discuss the Scriptural truths concerning baptism.  She seems to have a good grasp of the true nature of baptism and thus we are planning a special baptismal service the first Sunday of April.
In His service,
Jacob and Viola Hughes
For Prayer:
1. Permission to set up a booth in or near the open air markets
2. Continued surveying and follow-up visits
3. Ladies Bible study that Viola is leading
For Praise:
1. Conversations that the surveying has yielded
2. “J” wanting to follow the Lord in baptism
3. New acquaintances and seed sown

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