Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hughes News #61

"Tie your shoes and pray for the Hughes"

Dear Friends,

June 7th was a memorable day as we witnessed two souls receive believer’s baptism.  The first was Abby, our coworkers’ daugher.  The second was Jeanet or “J” in previous updates.  Jeanet came to saving faith several years ago, but had not yet been baptized.  The management of a hotel allowed us to use their pool and refused to take money for the event.  The day also included singing, a charge to those being baptized, gifts, another message and the Lord’s Supper.  Afterwards, we enjoyed lunch together at a local restaurant.  An added blessing was that the weather was perfect!  For me, the highlight of the day was hearing Jeanet give her testimony and seeing the emotion in her eyes as she shared with us God’s work in her life.  We want to hear many such testimonies in the years ahead!
Jeanet giving her testimony before the baptism
Recently Viola finished leading the ladies’ study through Ephesians.  They may begin another study in a few weeks.  Last week, a group from our coworkers’ sending church was here to help with construction on their house.  Both that week and the one prior were filled with various construction projects.  As it turned out, I spent a large amount of that time helping tile the bathroom.

Also last week, we held a three day VBS in David’s neighborhood with the help of a couple from the group.  Viola organized and led the crafts, I planned the games and David preached the lessons.  The crafts, memory verses, and lessons all focused on the Word of God.  On the last day, we presented each child with his own copy of Scripture.  We would like to begin a Bible club or something with these children in order to have the opportunity to continue to influence them.
David teaching the lesson the first day of VBS
We will be specifically reaching out to families in Soroca each Friday evening in July.  We want to provide them with activities they can do together and point them to God’s principles regarding families.  We are praying for more contacts and opportunities to minister to people’s lives.

In His service,
Jacob and Viola Hughes

For Prayer:
1. Follow up with VBS children/possible plans for a Bible club
2. Outreach to families in July
3. The Holy Spirit to bring understanding, conviction, salvation

For Praise:
1. An encouraging visit from our agency’s director and his wife
2. A wonderful day for Jeanet and Abby’s baptism
3. Help from the group and resulting ministry opportunities
4. Good results from our first VBS

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