Thursday, May 7, 2015

Embracing Obscurity- Chapter 10

(A few friends and I began reading this book together. After dropping it for over a year, I am endeavoring to finish it.  After reading a chapter, I am posting my comments, then giving my friends the opportunity to add their thoughts as well. If you would like to join us or simply find out more about the book, you can read about it here.)
Chapter 10: Embracing Hope
- I would summarize this final chapter by saying that the author calls for the reader to consider the eternal rewards that accompany embracing obscurity in this life.  He shows that desiring rewards and working for them are not wrong, provided it is future and not present rewards that we seek.
- The author discusses a couple of passages that discuss Jesus' rewards He earned through His suffering.  He comes to the conclustion that "He didn't have to choose rewardless suffering, and neither do we." (Page 167)
- There are several wonderful things (rewards, we could say) that await us in heaven.  The author is convinced that there are even more because: 1) He feels God could not convey everything to fallen man and 2) He is convinced that God loves to surprise and has some special things for us.
- The idea of embracing obscurity in this life only makes sense when we place higher priority on the life to come.
- The author asks, "Will you walk worthy of the glorious gospel- even if no one ever knows your name?"  (Page 173)  I want to walk that way.  May the Lord help me!
I've had my say, what say you?
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