Friday, April 8, 2016

A Praying Life: Chapters 13-14

(A few friends and I are reading this book together.  Each week we will read two chapters and on Friday I will post my comments from the reading.  Others may add their thoughts in the comments section.  If you are interested in reading this book as well, here is the link for the Kindle version of the book.)

Chapters 13-14
- The reminder that God is both infinite and personal is a good reminder.  Each of those facts I would readily accept, but seeing how amazing they are when put together was helpful for me to think about.

- "Little children are not daunted by the size of their parents.  They come, regardless."  (Pg. 115, Loc. 1475)  There is no reason for me not to come.  I want my first reaction to be looking to my Father and talking to Him- in any situation that comes.

- I appreciated the author's mom's question of "How else would you find a parking place?" (Pg. 119, Loc. 1500)  It seems that behind those words is an understanding that everything is done through prayer.  I see in those words a dependence upon God for everything in life.

- "If we ask nothing of God, we are left adrift in an evil world."  (Pg. 122, Loc. 1544)  If there are areas that I am separating from God's touch, so to speak, I want to identify those areas and seek Him in even the ordinary things of life.

- "Jesus neither suppresses his feelings nor lets them master him."  (Pg. 123, Loc. 1561)
Obviously- another good lesson for me.
- "We simply cannot see the causal connections between our prayers and what happens." (Pg. 127, Loc. 1630)  If I just look at God and acknowledge Him, I'm doing ok.  However, when I try to see how things work together, I get out on a limb because there is no way for me to put everything together to see how it happened.  I will either overlook some actions, misunderstand others, or both.  I need no other deep explanation other than: God answered prayer.
I've had my say, what say you?

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  1. “Christians rush to 'not my will, but yours be done' without first expressing their hearts” (pg.122). Every believer I'm sure has struggled in this area at one time or another – finding this right balance in prayer. I just appreciated the author's emphasis on asking & making our desires known. I'm praying for something right now that I don't know if it's God's will; if the prayer is not answered then I will accept that as it's not God's will right now & I'll continue to wait. But I'm going to keep sharing my desire with God because I know He's a good God who loves to give good things!

    “I move from being an independent player to a dependent lover” (pg.126); this is one of the things he said he gained as a result of having a praying life. This made me think of the awesome privilege I have of co-operating with God in the advancement of His Kingdom. I'm on God's team working together with Him, and God wants to use my prayer life to win battles in not only my life but in others' as well.