Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hughes News #67

"Tie your shoes and pray for the Hughes"

Dear Friends,

Viola made it back from Canada the 16th of March.  She was there just over two weeks helping her brother’s family while his wife recovered from surgery.  Viola kept busy being aunt, housekeeper, nanny and cook for seven kids.  We are thankful the timing of things here allowed her to go- she hadn’t seen her brother’s family for 4½ years and she met the youngest four kids for the first time. 
Viola with brother Paul J., sister-in-law Loretta, and the kiddos

God’s leading was evident in the circumstances of Sarah’s arrival.  She has settled in, applied for residency and begun studying Romanian.  Her language study has afforded Viola the opportunity to also attend the tutoring sessions.

The last few weeks we have bumped into four boys several times.  Three times they have sat through most of a Bible study.  Several times we have talked to them on the street.  Often they hang out near a bus stop asking for money and generally being somewhat of a nuisance.  From our perspective, there is not much adult guidance in their lives.  Could you take a moment right now to pray for these four boys?  Would you please pray for us as well?  I see a need for us to love them, but to also be firm with them.  It would be easier to just do one without the other, but I believe our Lord would have us do both.

In previous updates, I have listed “wisdom to balance ministry and long-term housing plans” as a prayer request.  In December we purchased two small plots of land in a newly developing section of the city.  Right now we are working on getting the construction permit and architectural plans.  Our goal is to have the house roughed in by late September.  This is another area in which we would appreciate your prayers.

In His service,
Jacob and Viola Hughes

For Prayer:
1. The Lord to use our services, classes and studies
2. Viola and Sarah studying Romanian
3. Our attempt to minister to S., K., E. and I. (the four boys)

For Praise:
1. Viola’s return from Canada
2. God arranging details of Sarah’s arrival
3. Relationships in the city continuing to grow

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