Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hughes News #68

"Tie your shoes and pray for the Hughes"

Dear Friends,

Through the winter months our Sunday service usually consisted of just us and the Grosses.  Our Thursday meeting was not infrequently that same group.  I can’t pinpoint when it began to change, but since the first of May, we have had only one service in which only Americans were present.  Others attending has been a specific encouragement to me.  Although very few unbelievers have come (most have been professing believers), we still see areas of needed growth and encouragement in their spiritual lives.

Over the summer, we are taking a break from our English classes and outreach Bible study.  The first few months went well, and we are evaluating what changes to make once we resume.  Each Friday evening in June we will organize a time especially for families.  In a park near our city’s old fortress we will have games, crafts and snacks for families to enjoy together, as well as handouts with Biblical instruction on the family.  The final evening we plan to give out Bibles to those who are interested.  In July we will run two identical weeks of Bible school.  The first week will be held at David’s house with the children in his neighborhood and the second will be at our rental location in the city.  Would you pray for these summer ministries?
Large Jenga at our first family evening

A couple weeks ago we purchased a car from friends.  The vehicle will open up further ministry possibilities as well as streamline several things in our lives.  Much of what we spent on the purchase came from Christmas love offerings from our supporters.  Things are slowly moving forward with plans for our house.  It hasn’t happened yet, but I am anticipating a moment when the levee will break, and the flood of construction tasks will engulf us.  We would appreciate your prayer regarding progress in the construction and wisdom to give needed attention to our current ministry responsibilities.

In His service,
Jacob and Viola Hughes

For Prayer:
1. Viola and Sarah studying Romanian
2. Ability to preach effectively in Russian
3. The Lord to use our services, family evenings, Vacation Bible Schools

For Praise:
1. Attendees at our services
2. Good start to our family evenings outreach
3. Purchase of a vehicle

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