Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hughes News #57

"Tie your shoes and pray for the Hughes"
Dear Friends,
We have been encouraged by some of the recent opportunities to minister:
• In the last few weeks at the Romanian Bible study, it has been neat to see C., a nine year old boy, voluntarily sit with us and read along as David teaches.  Although the original intent was to minister to his mother and grandmother, I believe the Lord wants to work in his heart as well.
• After being very standoffish at first, O. opened up to us when we visited her recently.  It seems that she is a believer who drifted away from the Lord after the former Baptist church closed.
• In our last conversation M. asked, “How then does a person become a child of God?”  While she appears to have a genuine desire for God, she has not had someone to come alongside and patiently answer her questions.
• Last week one of our neighbors accepted our invitation for a snack, tea and a chat with us.  We pray that further visits will allow us to explain the Gospel to both her and her husband.
• Sunday we had our first visitor to a service.  J. is in Moldova while her husband helps repair the road to Soroca.  We hope to encourage her in the Lord for the duration of their stay.
Would you go to the Lord on our behalf and on behalf of these dear souls?
As expected, we received our two-year residency permits last week.  Today when I stopped by the Grosses house, grout was being added to the tile.  Within a few days they should be ready to begin living on the first floor.  Last month I found a place to play basketball.  I love playing the game, but I also want the Lord to minister to the other players through me.
In His service,
Jacob and Viola Hughes
For Prayer:
1. The individuals to whom we are seeking to minister
2. Final details of first floor at our coworkers’ home
3. Further understanding of and ability in Russian
For Praise:
1. Opportunities for discussions of spiritual things
2. Our first visitor to a Sunday service
3. Residency permits now in hand

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